MPCWA first, coffee or tea comes next

Are you doing your MPCWA diligently? What is MPCWA? MPCWA stands for Message, Command, Warning, and Application. Numbers Christians are now utilizing the MCWA method in their daily devotions for it is easy to follow.

To be a strong Christian, the devotional life must be maintained daily. Just as the body needs food, the spirit man hungers for the Word of God. The spirit man must grow deeper in the knowledge of Christ to be equipped in all things. Through a habitual devotional life, a believer can dig deeper into the Word of God until his soul gets near to his creator.

For a Christian to effectively conduct routinely his time with the Lord, MPCWA must be applied. It is vital for a believer to be aggressive in his growth. MPCWA has been tested and proven to bring forth that growth

Notebook, ballpen and bible are needed for the devotional time. Using devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones in recording can be pursued.

How to do the MPCWA devotional method

1. Find a place

For the mind to absorb the Word, a quiet place is needed. If you can find a place where you can be alone, then this is the best place to read the bible. Doing it early in the morning when everybody at the house and neighbour are still asleep. Feed the spirit first before the body in a still place provides room for the Spirit to penetrate.

2. Have a daily bible reading plan

Using a daily bible reading guide is advisable. There are so many daily bible reading plans available for Christian through the internet. There’s the downloadable daily bible reading from Philippine Bible Society.

3. Read your bible

Pray for the Holy Spirit as you read the bible with comprehension. Start jotting down what God has for you through the MPCWA method. Through the help of the Spirit, you will be able to write His:


What is God’s message to you through those verses in the bible. What is the specific verse? Are  messages that God wants for you throughout the day?


What are His promises to claim? Write down what God has for you. Always remember that what God have spoken He has never broken. The promises of God are for you to live an abundant life.


What are God’s command to obey? As a Christian, God wants us to learn about his statutes. He wants as to be obedient to His words.


God warns His people through the Word. In order for us not to go astray, His words are like signboards with warnings so that we will not go in harm. What are the warnings to heed?


Apply what everything that you have written above. Write down personally what you are going to do.

Are you doing your MCWA first before drinking a cup of coffee?