5 Things People Do When They Are Visiting Your Blog

People who visit your blog won’t immediately like your blog. In order for you to attract people’s attention toward your blog, you have to understand about your visitors’ behavior when they are visiting your blog. By knowing about what they are doing on your blog, you can improve the necessary aspects of your blog in order to pass the small tests that will determine whether your blog will be considered a good blog or not. Here are 5 things people do when they are visiting your blog:

1. Read Your Content

First of all, they will take a look at your content and read some of it. If you can provide useful and interesting information for your audience, you will be able to pass the test of content quality. If your blog is recognized as a blog that delivers highly valuable content that is worth bookmarking, you will be able to attract their attention further toward your blog. So, people will usually read your content and determine whether you have good content to offer or not. If they find that you have a good content to offer, they will hop into the next test. If not, then they will simply leave your blog.

2. Take A Look At Your Blog Design

How your blog is presented to your audience will give big impact in your audience’s perception toward your blog. When people examine your blog design, they are seeking whether your blog is professionally designed, appealing, as well as comfortable or not. If you pass the design quality test, you will be able to impress your audience further. Your blog will have their instant trust and it will be seen as a reputable blog in your niche. If not, people will simply hop to another blog that interests them.

3. Check The Frequency Of Your Blog Updates

The next thing that people will see when they are visiting your blog is your blog update frequency. In other words, they will check the last post that you write. If it is recent enough, then they will conclude that your blog is updated frequently, and thus they will consider your blog as a reliable source of information. There are many blogs that are not getting updated frequently, and people usually don’t like that. Those dormant blogs will usually be considered as unreliable source of information. So, if your blog is updated frequently, then people will come to your blog again. If your blog is considered as a dormant blog, they will simply forget it.

4. Check The Comment Section

How active is your blog? People want to see whether your blog is highly commented or not. For instance, if your blog has lots of comments, then people will consider your blog as an active blog. Thus, your blog will be considered as a good blog and they might want to participate in the discussion within your blog. If your blog doesn’t have any comment on it, it will be considered as a silent blog, which is another term to call a blog that is boring. So, when people see a healthy discussion in your blog, they will want to get involved with your blog further. But, when people see only blank comment section, they might not want to come back to your blog again.

5. Check The Posts That You Have

The last thing that people will do before they conclude whether your blog is a good blog or not is checking the blog posts that you have. Apparently, they will take a look at popular posts in your blog first. Then, they will see your archives, related posts, and any link to other posts that you provide. It is necessary for them to spend some time in your blog for a while, just to see whether they miss something important or not. If they find many interesting posts in your blog, the will usually stick on your blog and come back to your blog later to read more. If not, then they will simply leave your blog without wasting any more time.

Those are 5 things that people do when they are visiting your blog. Most of your blog visitors do the same thing in your blog. They want to make sure whether your blog is good enough for them or not. So, it is very important for you to improve the 5 most important aspects in your blog, which are content, design, update frequency, comment section, and blog posts, in order to keep your visitors happy with your blog and turn them into your loyal blog readers.