Pintig Ng Iyong Puso Lyrics Complete

One of the most sought worship songs today is “Pintig ng Iyong Puso” composed by Pastor Joey Crisostomo and Bro. Marlon Oliveros. With tens of thousands of views already in Facebook and in Youtube, Pintig ng Iyong Puso continues to attract God seekers who wanted to find God though a song.

Because of the anointing that flows when singing the music, there are guitar and keyboard covers already uploaded in Youtube. The song really is becoming the avenue of the Holy Spirit for a longing soul to reach the heart of God. There’s no dry eye when a real seeker of God sings the song.

I first heard the song during our Brother Eddie School of Ministries International (BESMI) Saturday Class. Pastor Joey also explained the meaning of each word that I totally grasped it with understanding. Surely, a worshiper can hear the ‘heartbeat of God’ by singing “Pintig Ng Iyong Puso” with heart and comprehension

You are in this page primarily for the complete lyrics. Here it is.

By Ptr. Joey & Ptr. Ellen Crisostomo / Marlon & Ellen Oliveros

Parang alon sa dagat
Ika’y dumating
Parang alon sa dagat
Kami’y Iyong dalhin
Magpapatianod kami ay ihatid
Ikaw lang ang may alam nitong landasin

Kami’y akayin at Iyong dalhin
Hanggang marating na ang lalim
Ng pintig ng Yong puso
Na nagsasabing “ika’y manatili sa’king piling… at iyong dinggin,
Ako’y mahalin
at laging sundin
At sasambahin”

Hindi mapapapagod ang pusong ito
Na awitan ka at mahalin
Hindi magsasawang ikay sambahin
Bawat sandali papuri ko’y hihimigin

You can watch Pastor Joey leading the worship at JIL Greenhills here.

May you feel the presence of the Lord as you sing the song.

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