7 Facts About Guest Blogging That You Probably Didn’t Know


If you are a blogger, you should be familiar with the term guest blogging. It is the activity of writing guest post for other blogs in exchange for a link back to your blog. This activity is known as one of the best ways to promote your blog and attract new audience to your blog. But, do you know about some interesting facts related to guest blogging? Here are 7 facts about guest blogging that you probably didn’t know:

1. Guest Blogging Can Deliver Instant Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

The traffic that you will get from writing a guest post for other blog will be instant traffic, and best of all, the traffic will be highly targeted. Why? That’s because the host blog where you write your guest post already has its own loyal audience. Thus, when your guest post gets published, the loyal readers of that blog will read your post and follow your link. This will usually happen within few hours after your guest post gets published in the host blog.

2. The Pickier You Are, The More Successful Your Guest Blogging Will Be

If you think that your guest blogging campaign is not going anywhere, you have to be pickier in choosing the blog that will be your host. Why? Not all blogs that accept guest post will be good for your campaign. First of all, you have to choose a popular blog that already has a big loyal audience. Second, you need to choose a blog that already has an active community. In this way, your guest post will get read by many people who will then follow the link to your blog. You have to be very selective in choosing your host blog if you want to make a real impact with your guest post.

3. Your Guest Post Will Quickly Be Accepted If You Are A Regular Commenter Of That Blog

If you think that it is very hard for your guest post to be accepted by the host blog, you have to put a strategy in place. In order to make your post get accepted by the host blog, you have to make yourself familiar with the blog. In other words, if you are a regular commenter in the blog, then the host blog will get more familiar with you. It will increase the chance for your post to get published on that blog.

4. Only A Post That Can Deliver More Value Will Get Real Attention From The Readers

If you want to attract more readers to your guest post, you need to make your post valuable. But, it shouldn’t be just valuable. It should deliver more value to the audience. If you can give the better deal, then people will stick their eyes toward you. So, when you write a guest post, make sure that you can give more value than what is already given by the host blog so that you can secure the audience’s attention quickly.

5. Choosing The Wrong Title Can Totally Ruin Your Guest Post

Think about the title of your guest post carefully. When you choose the wrong title, you can totally ruin your guest post and waste a lot of time in the process. No matter how good the content of your post, you should choose the right title that can provoke your audience into reading your content. If you just put a regular-looking title, then you will lose the chance to grab their attention quickly.

6. You Can Get Popular With Your Guest Post

Yes, you can make yourself popular with your guest post. How to do this? It’s quite simple to do. You just need to publish your guest post regularly in the same blog. In this way, the loyal readers of that blog will see your presence more often. This will make you popular because the more often you appear, the more people will like you. So, think about doing your guest blogging campaign for long-term.

7. Blog Owners Favor Guest Posts That Are Unique And Stick To The Rules

If you want to make the blog owners to see your guest post as their favorite, you should write guest posts that are unique. But, don’t forget to stick to the guest posting rules in each blog. If you honor the rules, the blog owner will also honor you as a guest poster. Don’t go overboard in trying to be unique by neglecting the rules. Most of the time, it will only make your post to get rejected.

Those are 7 facts about guest blogging that you probably didn’t know. If you haven’t started your guest blogging campaign yet, I suggest you to start it right now and keep those facts in mind.