Life Groups – You Need One


The saying “No Man Is An Island” can always be applied to a Christian who longs to know more about God and share his life to other people. A believer has to understand deeply the importance of meeting with other Christians through a Life Group.

What is a Life Group?

A life group is a group of Christians who meet together in a weekly basis with a purpose to glorify God by worshiping, sharing the Word and encouraging one another. Sometimes it can be an avenue for the salvation of souls for the newcomers invited by the members.

Purposes of a Life Group


A life group is a platform to share the Word of God and to proclaim one’s testimony, which serves as the most important ingredient part of the life group itself. The Word of God is always the center of all conversations during the meeting. In order for the members to experience God deeply in a life group, the leader has always a message from the Lord. It is also a way for the life group members to share the goodness of the Lord in their lives. In sharing the Word and one’s testimony, spiritual growth happens.


A life group can also be called a “support group”. Not all the members of the life group are in great spiritual conditions. They attend the life group to feel that somebody cares. Some of them might be experiencing emotional turbulence as well financial bankruptcy. Thus, a life group intends to cover the needs of the believers as others will offer their hands and prayers.


A life group is a net for Christians to win souls. By inviting unbelievers to join a life group, intentional evangelism occurs. Surely, in a growing life group, teaching of salvation cannot be neglected if first timers attends the meeting.

How to Start a Life Group?

A life group can easily started if there’s an agreement among friends. When is the life group? Where is the venue? Who will lead? Once these questions are settled, then the group can begin a journey of sharing, supporting and soul-winning.

A Christian grows in the Lord with a community that is willing to love and serve.